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Panda cigarettes Shanghai Tobacco executives who declined to be named, said the brand to newport 100s create most of the time from now, the panda has been the highest cigarette tobacco for sale worldwide. wholesale cigarettes He said Shanghai Panda tobacco producing only hundreds of boxes of cigarettes each year. Panda cigarettes, born in 1956, became the military and political circles dignitaries proprietary brands. Chinese people well-known politicians like Mao Panda cigarettes sales, he has served as Chairman of the CPC Central Committee in 1976, before his death. Senior army generals have gradually produced a preference for Panda heart. But anyway, Deng Xiaoping always Panda cigarettes the most prominent customers. After the death of Deng Xiaoping in 1997, Shanghai began to society of Newport Short Cigarettes tobacco sold a small amount of Panda cigarettes, but the price is very expensive. cigarettes for sale For example, last year launched a Shanghai tobacco packaging luxury gift box, built two boxes of Panda all discount cigarettes free shipping, the price of the equivalent of $ 102. If you can find now, the estimated selling price at that time was already twice the. Currently, Shanghai has reduced the panda cigarette tobacco prices, but even so, still 60 times the majority of domestic brands (Chinese domestic buy cigarettes from casino in usa brand more than 100 species). Even with respect to Marlboro (Marlboro) and other import brands, Panda cigarettes, five times more expensive than they are. In order to increase the attractiveness, Shanghai Tobacco never published annual Panda cigarettes, tobacco and even the origin of secrecy. China the vast majority of tobacco are produced in the southern part of Yunnan Province. "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in Shanghai, two stores employee said, Panda buy marlboro cigarettes for sale are always sold out. But their shelves panda cigarettes per day in the end how much pretending to be mysterious. Like the night waiting in line to spend as Tang Jian, who seldom buy Panda cigarettes smoked on their own. Usually relatives and friends, or sent to superiors and government officials, in order to express gratitude or hoping to impress them. Shanghai, a non-smoking patients received medical experts often express gratitude for the gift of pandas and carton cigarettes for sale online. Waiting to buy a Panda cigarette customers say, "This is for the owner to buy." People around nodded in understanding. Next to a puff of people are waiting to buy Panda cheap cigarettes for sale online he smoked earners common DHS, $ 1.20 per box. Laid-off workers surnamed Huang said in the past that only government officials may have smoke Panda cigarette tobacco for sale online, but now ordinary people can. He said he was prepared to buy privately own Panda cigarettes at a higher price and then sell. Some foreign experts panda cigarette tobacco charisma questioned. Priced at $ 30 Treasurer cigarettes manufacturers, general manager of the British Chancellor Tobacco Co. director Owen (Max Irving) is one of them. Owen said, Panda cigarettes for sale cheap illusory, the Chinese people to buy is to put on the table to show to show off. But he also admitted that he stood on the box office.